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these products right away

However because the third unmanned machine gets stripe have to the product have no whereabouts, the Yan flies some oneself's home of being depressed, having never had a meal and then return to in the evenings and continues to watch television in the home today.Arrive much the time at 7:00 p.m., six Ping pings after getting off works didn't leave company right away, but was lifting a lot of food material and arrived at Yan to fly the in home of being located in dreamlike mansion 45 F crest layer.Six Ping pings cook in person and flew to do a table of delicious tasty meal for Yan.
    Eat to land the meal that the Ping Ping does, wooden shutters blinds the Yan flies and finds back a familiar felling.He just suddenly discovers, oneself has already done not accompany six Ping pings to have a meal alone for a long time very much.Seem to be after knew that six Ping pings had boyfriend, she didn't cook a meal to eat for she in person any further?Just the Yan fly memory concerning this affair to have a little faintness, the momentary also doesn't recall exactly why meeting so.
    Have a meal, the Yan flew looking at room in exceed a fast step to tidy up six Ping pings of a bowl of chopsticks, in the moment incredibly some absentminded, seem to feel that this is the life that he should lead, his life is to should be so mild and safe, not previous that kind of the risky career of the nervous incitement.
    Then the Yan fly to start deliberating, exactly from when beginning, did six Ping pings suddenly have boyfriend?Then oneself why will become an otaku, always the house is in the home, don't go out?He has still has never thought this problem before and thinks of now, feel a bit unimaginable.No matter it is he and six Ping pings of variety for relating to, is still that he has never thought this affair up, all very strange ……
    Wait until six Ping pings to finish tidying up household chores, sit on the Yan to fly in front, she looking at the shriveled mouthes aftertaste that the Yan flies a satisfaction and pleasingly drank one mouthful tea, smilingly looking at Yan to fly and says:"How?Have been already ordered in good humor?"
    The Yan flies one Leng and says:"?What have been already ordered in good humor?"
    Six Ping pings say:"I see your a day for today all some souls don't guard to give up of appearance, do to have no kick left everything, not because of worrying is the madness that the product of company is facing a rival anti- to rush toward?"
    While the product of dreamlike science and technology is intensively becoming available in the market, deeply being subjected to large consumer's fancy, robbing to have big parts of market quotas also let a dreamlike science and technology rapid development.But after the ferment after a period of time ferment, those international cosmetics tycoons finally obtain a consensus, they abandon ex- dislike, stop intramural fight, unite to put together, launched to have a history to dreamlike science and technology the most violent one secondary market Be big to counter-attack.
    These cosmetics tycoons are related supervisor's sections that makes use of relation toward each nation first to report and say the effect that general cosmetics basically could not reach a dreamlike science and technology product, dreamlike science and technology sells of product inside affirmation illegally added to illegal act a product, these illegal act a product will to the human body have biggest poison side effect.They apply for a related section to carry on confiscating and sealing to these products right away, Plantation shutters forbid its continuing just on the market to sell and want by the root a product of solving dreamlike science and technology to their threats.
Immediately after these international cosmetics tycoons silently bought a group of persons and let them appeared in the name of consumer, publicly complained dreamlike science and technology on the network and said that oneself is using the product later incarnation body of dreamlike science and technology to appear various very serious linger effect of being unwell, also accompanying with.Immediately after these international cosmetics tycoons start developing their influences and is infinite to enlarge these accusations that counterfeit a consumer and carry on an intensive redistribution and stir-fry to make on the major media and corrupt a dreamlike science and technology product in the position and public praises in the consumer's heart.

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